Aether Beauty Protection Bundle

Aether Beauty has released a spectacular Protection Bundle deal featuring their Amethyst Gemstone Palette and their Crystal Charged Ruby Cheek Palette ($64 purchased as a bundle). The Amethyst palette is the one I was missing and I had yet to try the cheek palettes so I was super excited about the deal!

Amethyst is a stone associated with the crown chakra, wisdom, psychic abilities and psychic protection. Hence, it is being featured in the Protection Bundle. Ruby is associated with the base and heart chakras as well as joy and wealth. It is used for protection from negativity be it psychic or of the heart.

Shade descriptions of the Amethyst Gemstone Palette ($58) as provided on

Meditation: Taupe matte

Protection: metallic pewter

Centered: Plum matte

Transformation: Purple metallic

Mystic: Moon light shimmer

Third Eye: Amethyst shimmer

Spirituality: Duo-Chrome Violet to blue

Transcendent: Duo-Chrome purple to black

Crown Chakra: Maroon matte

Amethyst: Purple Gray metallic

Psychic: Deep Charcoal Purple Metallic

Pisces: Purple Black Shimmer

The shade descriptions of the Crystal Charged Cheek Palette- Ruby ($44):

Pure Love: Peach Golden Highlighter

Aphrodisiac: Petal Pink Matte

Divinity: Vintage Rose with Gold Shimmer

For my application I used Mystic as my transition shade, Amethyst swept through the entire crease, Third Eye applied to the inner half of the lid and into the inner corner, Pisces was applied to the outer corner of the lid and Transcendent was used to line my lower lashline.

I wanted to try the entire cheek palette so I used a fan brush to lightly apply Divinity in the hollows of my cheeks, Aphrodisiac was blended into the cheekbones toward the apples of my cheeks and Pure Love was applied to the upper cheekbones and temple area.

On my lips I have Aether Beauty Lip Creme in the shade Motivate.

I’ve written quite a few posts featuring Aether Beauty as they are my favorite vegan clean beauty brand. They have the cleanest purest ingredients while maintaining great quality. They are environmentally and socially conscious in their packaging and the sourcing of their ingredients. I could go on and on about how much I love this company or you can read some of my previous posts:

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Swatches of the Amethyst eyeshadows

Swatches of the blush and highlighter.

The coolest packaging! Makeup love of my life!

Thanks for reading! I will continue to post clean beauty reviews and information so please check back!

P.S. I’m having organic non-laser tattoo removal performed on my collarbone tattoo. I hope to do a review soon!

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