Beautiful, Healthy Skin with Herbal Teas

The addition of certain herbal teas to your daily routine can make a major impact on the health and clarity of your skin. Herbal teas for enhancing the beauty of skin are generally anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, nutrient rich and possess collagen protectant properties.

Some key herbs to look for are:

Nettle– Nettle leaves are nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. Nettle is great for addressing acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Red Raspberry– Red Raspberry Leaf is nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant and hormone balancing. This herb is great for skin irritations especially hormonal breakouts.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower– Known for its anti-oxidant properties and its ability to stimulate collagen production, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is a great anti-aging tea! It is colorful and pretty to drink too!

Rose– Tea made from Rose petals is anti-oxidant and balancing to female hormones. Rose is anti-aging and calming to many skin irritations including acne.

Hibiscus– Hibiscus is anti-oxidant and rich in Vitamin C which will slow collagen breakdown and support collagen production. It is also anti-inflammatory and beneficial to acne.

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Fotunately for us, we don’t need a passion for herbalism to select a great skin tea. Many brands of tea carry one or more blends designed specifically for enhancing skin health. The following are all excellent teas to try:

Yogi Teas– Try the Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin Detox or the Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin Tea (around $4)

The Republic of Tea– Try the Be Well Get Gorgeous Tea, the Daily Beauty Lavender Blueberry Tea, the Beauty Sleep Chamomile Rose Tea or the Clean Beauty Berry Aloe Tea ($12.75-$13.75)

Caudalie– The organic skincare line has their own Organic Herbal Tea blend for promoting skin beauty. ($14)

I’m Fabulous– A little more intense, the 28 day Ecoteatox has weight management as well as skin clearing effects. ($59.99)

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