Natural Beauty Book Reviews: First Installment

I’m planning to do a few book reviews in the coming months. Today’s review will be of The Holistic Beauty Book by Star Khechara.

What’s Inside

The book begins with some helpful advice for deciphering labels and a description of some common toxic ingredients to avoid. The author continues with a useful lesson in essential oils, all relevant to the main content (the 100+ recipes). She includes a brief skin anatomy lesson and (my favorite part) discusses the role of environment and diet. I feel she thoroughly covers the everyday sources of toxic substances in our lives, all relevant to skin health. The nutrition section includes recipes and general tips for increasing nutrients (geared toward a vegan diet high in raw fruits and veggies).

The heart of the book is the natural skincare recipes. Khechara breaks down the methods for preparation as well as the necessary equipment. The recipes include facial products, body lotions, hair products, bath salts and melts, even diy toothpaste! She includes an interesting range of recipes and a lot of them!

My Thoughts

I have owned this book for awhile now and while I do still reference it in creating my own products, I rarely follow a specific recipe. The recipes are all very similar to most essential oil based recipes found online with the addition of sometimes hard to find ingredients as well as expensive ones.

Do I Recommend This Book

If you can find it cheap or used, sure. It would make a cute gift for someone who likes to make their own products, but really you can find similar recipes on pinterest.

Here is the link to view it on Amazon.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day!

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