Aether Beauty Joshua Tree Palette

Today I’ll be discussing the new Joshua Tree eyeshadow palette from Aether Beauty. I was really excited when this palette became available because this is the first all matte palette from Aether. This palette is full of warm, sunny, dusty yet vibrant shades. Considering the dessert theme, I was surprised by some of the colors included. The orchid and violet shades may have been a surprise but a fun one.

Aether’s color descriptions are (as appears on; Pixie Rock: Light Sand, Poppy: Peachy Tan, Tumbleweed: Warm Brown, Rosewood: Maroon Brown, Citrine: Daffodil, Emberglow: Sunset Orange, Prickly Pear: Orchid, Wildflower: Violet, Joshua Tree: Sage Green, Agave: Blue Green Teal, Mesquite: Bark Brown, New Moon: Black

I am still playing around with how to use these particular eyeshadows on myself and I have a lot of ideas. I put together 2 different looks to showcase the versatility of this palette. There are sunny, daytime shades and sultry, dusky shades making for a lot of possibilities.

The first look is a bit of an earthy take on a cut crease. Instead of the traditional sharp, dark crease and light lid, I used complementary colors (violet and yellow or in this case orchid and gold) to create the contrast. I used a brown liquid liner (from Tarte) to line my upper lashline and create a subtle wing. Citrine is my transition color. I built the crease with Tumbleweed. Blended. Applied concealor to my lids. Prickly Pear was patted onto the lids. Mesquite was applied with an angled shadow brush as my cut crease shade and blended just slightly. The lower lashline was lined with the shade Rosewood and brought up under the wing. Pixie Rock applied to the inner corners of my eyes.

For the second look, I wanted colorful yet dark and smokey. Pixie Rock was lightly swept under my brows. I lined my top lashline adding a slight wing (with e.l.f. black liner) and my bottom waterline (using Alima liner in Ink). Joshua Tree was applied on my lids. Agave worked into the outer v of my lids. New Moon smudged into my liner and lightly into socket crease. I applied Wildflower to the inner corners of my eyes and also lined my lower lashes with Wildflower. My mascara is Pacifica Stellargaze.

To view or purchase the Joshua Tree palette visit the website link here.

Aether beauty is a great company! They are environmentally conscious, socially conscious and promote the spread of love and positivity. Their products are EU compliant, safe, cruelty-free and vegan. Learn more about the company on their website.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I have had my eye on this palette as soon as Aether started posting teasers for it. I have such an attachment to Joshua tree and I love how the brand is so eco-conscious!

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