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I’ve read many reviews of Axiology, all speaking very highly of the products. Yet, I waited so long to try their products, too long. It truly is everything they say it is. Axiology labels themselves as an evil-free company, describing their abstinence from both ingredients that are harmful to you and ingredients harmful to animals. They are a clean, vegan, cruelty-free company.

These lipsticks are silky, hydrating, have good pigmentation and are overall just a great formulation!

In the above photo, I am wearing the shade Bonafide, described as “bright honeysuckle pink with fiery, orange undertones.” I’m not sure it is quite that bright, but it is vibrant and intense. I would say the shade is true to the photos on the website.

(Visit to see all the shades.)

The lipstick cases themselves are very unique with a spring loaded case that encapsulates the product- a very chic and simplistic design.

The claims may be worded really cutesy (as in the above photo), but really the ingredients are very straightforward and clean as well as moisturizing: organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, avocado butter, candelilla wax, organic avocado oil, organic grape seed oil, vitamin E oil, organic orange oil, elderberry extract, organic neem oil. Those are in addition to the pigment ingredients which are primarily mineral-based in nature while also including a safe synthetic; synthetic fluorphlogopite. Synthetic fluorphlogopite is synthetic mica which has a different, lighter color than natural mica. This explains the beautiful sheen to the products which I have never seen in any other lipstick!

Above I am wearing the shade, Instinct- “a pearly, metallic nude with sandy beachy vibes.” I like the color description! It is a really nice, shimmery nude! I consider this a good, flattering, basic nude lipstick, but still playful and fun with the shimmer.

If you are interested in trying Axiology for yourself please use the affiliate link provided and the code EvilFree for 20% off your purchase.

Also, feel free to share your thoughts on Axiology in the comments below. I hope to do another review of this company soon, probably with some darker shades. Keep an eye out! Thanks for reading!

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