Lipliners! Organic Options With No Compromise

Lipliner is used to define and sometimes reshape the lips as well as create a barrier for your lipstick. A good basic nude lipliner is essential to any makeup collection. It is said that through talking, drinking, licking your lips, etc. the average woman will consume 7 lbs. of lipstick over her lifetime. Makes sense to be cautious about what we apply to our lips!

I’m going to briefly talk about Ecco Bella lipliner (which I use in the shade Terracotta) and Au Naturale lipliner (in the shade Slipper.) Both of these companies are clean, organic, cruelty-free and carry vegan products.

Ecco Bella confirms their lipliners are preservative-free, gluten-free, FD&C dye-free and made with natural vegetable waxes. The ingredient list is short and easy to decipher.

In the above picture, I have lined and filled my lips with Ecco Bella lipliner in Terracotta. The product stays in place and is longlasting. It sharpenes nicely and creates a nice clean line, but is not so soft or creamy. It can feel hard against your lips, which may be why it creates a nice, sharp line. It is a warm, nude shade that works well with most complexions and lipsticks. You can purchase from the Ecco Bella website.

Au Naturale states their lipliners are created without synthetic preservatives, nanoparticles, gluten, parabens, toxins and are also free of animal byproducts. The ingredient list is also short and denotes organic and ecocert ingredients. Compared to Ecco Bella, Au Naturale may be cleaner being sans nanoparticles and having organic and natural certifications to back up the purity of their ingredients. I have only briefly educated myself on nanoparticles as of now, but it seems the nanoparticle in Ecco Bella’s product (titanium dioxide) is in the process of being reevaluated by the EU so as to not be classified as a carcinogenic substance. It’s use is currently regulated by the EU, but still included in many cosmetics.

Above, I have lined and filled my lips with Au Naturale lip pencil in Slipper. It is a soft, blush shade which makes a great nude liner for many skin tones and will work nicely under most lipsticks. It is silky, soft and glides on very nicely. The feel of this product is amazing! Visit the Au Naturale website to purchase.

Organic cosmetic choices are continuing to improve and expand. Not long ago, eco-conscious, health-conscious and/or vegan women had very limited cosmetic options. I am so grateful for both of these companies and all the other conscious beauty companies that exist today.

Thanks for reading! If you have a clean, organic, vegan lipliner you love please share in the comments!

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