My Favorite Essential Oils for Skin

While the beautiful aromatic properties and emotional benefits are a huge part of aromatherapy and essential oil use, we know the physiological effects are often more remarkable. The beauty enhancing effects on the skin are an easy way to see for yourself. I’ve watched my face (and the faces of others) go from red and splotchy to calm and pale in minutes with the application of rose oil. (see my post on Roses in Skincare)

Essential oils are effective, safe (follow dilution and proper use instructions) and now readily available for use in addressing skin concerns. In fact, some of your current skincare products likely contain essential oils as one or more of the active ingredients! If you want to incorporate essential oils into your daily skincare consider one from the following list. I’ve listed my favorite essential oils for skin health and noted the specific skin concerns each is known to benefit.

Rose– wrinkles, redness, dilated capillaries

Magnolia– acne, dry skin, skin irritations

Neroli– acne, dark spots, eczema

Jasmine– wrinkles, dry skin, skin irritations

Frankincense– wrinkles, scars, stretch marks

Ylang Ylang– oily skin

More great essential oils for skin include Geranium, Patchouli, and the doTerra blends Yarrow Pom (read my review of the Body Serum) and Immortelle.

If you are interested in purchasing doTerra essential oils or would like to learn more about doTerra please visit my doTerra store.

Thank you for reading! Wishing you all a happy and healthy day!

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