Yarrow Pom Body Renewal Serum- doTerra product

Lately, I have started using doTerra’s Yarrow Pom Body Renewal Serum and I highly recommend it. It is a nongreasy and light moisturizing body serum featuring doTerra’s Yarrow Pom (yarrow and pomegranate) oil blend as well as several other skin enhancing ingredients (including a few additional high quality essential oils) which I will break down. I think this serum is excellent for anyone wanting to prevent aging and promote firming of their skin.

Jojoba Oil– noncomedogenic, moisturizing, soothing, gentle, closest to our natural sebum, suitable for all skin types

Pomegranate Seed Oil– antioxidant, reparative, antimicrobial, skin softening

Avocado Oil– moisturizing, high in Vitamin E

Grape Seed Oil– noncomedogenic, may even prevent breakouts, moisturizing

Silica– key mineral in collagen formation and health

Pomegranate Seed Esters– for firmness and glow

Argan Oil– moisturizing, high in Vitamin E, skin softening

Coffee Extract– skin firming, boosts circulation, stimulates collagen production

Yuzu Peel Oil– anti-aging

Yarrow Oil– skin tightening

Tocopherol– Vitamin E which is antioxidant

Roman Chamomile Oil– promotes youthful-looking skin

Peppermint Oil– cooling, stimulating

Ylang Ylang Oil– antioxidant, promotes healthy looking skin

My skin tends not to be very dry. If you are dry, you’ll likely need an additional moisturizer. This product has a light silky feel which I really enjoy.

Yarrow Pom is a blend unique to doTerra and is also available in a daily supplement form.

Benefits of this blend are beyond beauty enhancing so please reference the educational video above!

If you are interested in this product or doTerra products in general, please visit my doTerra store.

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4 Replies to “Yarrow Pom Body Renewal Serum- doTerra product”

  1. Great post!!
    This is one of the only products by doTERRA that I haven’t managed to get my hands on yet! It is on the wish list for sure though.
    do you use any other doTERRA oils or products??

    1. Thanks for commenting! I love doTerra oils and am an advocate, using them both personally and professionally as a massage therapist. I am kind of jealous that you own almost all of them! I definitely recommend this serum though.

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