On Being a Beauty and Wellness Professional Opposed to Cosmetic Surgery

A person’s appearance is more than what can be captured by a photo. We’ve all met someone who upon first glance is average looking and with more interaction we notice they are incredibly good looking. This is often because of the falsities of preconceived notions we have (redheads/crazy, brunettes/tomboys, etc.) but also the importance of mannerisms, speech, body language, etc. that affect how we see an individual.

Many agree, our current society is too focused on appearance and too willing to medically alter it. I am not alone in being opposed to cosmetic surgery. It is, however, a unique experience being a beauty and wellness professional who genuinely has a love of natural beauty, not just organic products, but the beauty of an authentic, unmodified face and body. In the beauty industry, even more so than society in general, there is a forced acceptance (even admiration) of “fakeness”. Yet, all around the world there is a return to nature and a criticism of “fakeness”.

While I work as an esthetician and massage therapist building my beauty blog, I strive to never profit on others’ insecurities. Instead, I prefer to promote self-love, self-respect, love and respect for the world and humanity as a whole. Taking care of yourself is not the same as changing yourself. Accepting your flaws and beauty is an empowering experience that creates an inner glow better than a facelift or implants.

I remind myself and others to fill our hearts and minds with beautiful, inspiring thoughts and energy as we all create our niche in this world.

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