Antonym: Sunkisses Bronzer and Highlight Duo

Today I want to do a quick review of Antonym Cosmetics bronzer and highlighter. The bronzer is nicely pigmented and has a warm, sunkissed tone which is best suited for creating a tanned look. The highlighter is nice and has some subtle shimmer. I used these as my contour for the following photos. If you have a medium skin tone this could make a nice contour set for you. I think I’m a little fair for it.

no contour
with Antonym bronzer and highlighter as contour

Honestly, this is not my favorite Antonym product. I love the Baked Foundation which works great with my oily skin. The Baked Blush is also a great product. This bronzer however, has average-less than average blendability and the shade is definitely not universally flattering.

Overall, Antonym is still one of my favorite clean and green makeup brands. Their products are certified natural and organic and gentle to most skin. Antonym’s products are packaged in responsibly sourced paper products (FSC certified). The compacts are made of bamboo and have a very chic, elegant appearance. The company is cruelty-free and vegan.

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