Aether Beauty Ruby Lip Cremes

While I do not want to fill my blog with product reviews. There are some products that I really love personally and want to share with others. Aether Beauty in general is one of them. I absolutely love their eyeshadow palettes and own all but one of them. (I mention Aether eyeshadows in Clean Makeup)

I was very excited to hear about their new lip colors being that lipstick would be my desert island (if you’re stranded and have only 1 product) makeup choice. It really is as nice as I hoped. The two colors I went with are Inspire (left, a strawberry red) and Motivate (right, tea rose). I am very happy with my color choices. When assessing for yourself, keep in mind I am very fair so the colors may look bolder on me.

The best traits about this product are:

  • the moisturizing quality (thanks to Rosehip and Plumeria)
  • the color intensity, which is exceptional for a product this clean
  • the color is longlasting and did not feather

Other notable traits and features:

  • I was surprised, there is a complete lack of taste (no slight vanilla and definitely no nasty chemical taste)
  • cruelty-free and vegan
  • EU compliant
  • the packaging is completely recyclable and made with recycled materials
  • it really contains powdered Rubies!

I hope this post is helpful to anyone considering Aether products! Please like and share!

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