Meditation, in various forms, is known to lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, decrease muscular tension, increase happiness and enhance self-awareness. Incorporating regular meditation into your life is a great self-care tool between massage sessions.

In fact, massage therapists often practice brief meditations prior to each client. This is to help us ground and center ourselves so we can transfer and create a calmer energy and perform more focused work.

There is a simple meditation I use prior to clients to center myself. To begin, place both feet on the floor and close your eyes. Then picture a large beam of light coming up from the earth filled with a nurturing, healing energy. Allow the light to slowly enter your feet and flow into your legs….your hips, abdomen…chest….slowly into your arms and fingertips. Allow the light to flow back through your arms to you shoulders, into your neck…allow it to flow into your face…and emerge from the crown of your head into the sky. Breathe in and out and allow this energy to remain with you as you return to your work.

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