Sacha Inchi for Skin Nourishment!

Sacha inchi is a plant indigenous to South America. You may have seen sacha inchi seeds in your protein bar or maybe in a roasted snack form. As an incredibly potent source of omega fatty acids and protein, sacha inchi is considered one of the greatest superfoods.

The high omega content is the primary reason sacha inchi makes an excellent ingredient in skincare. In skincare, omegas have reparative, strengthening, soothing, nourishing and elasticity enhancing properties. Sacha inchi oil is used as an emollient and is known to be powerful, effective yet lightweight and noncomedogenic.

Shira’s Pure Sacha Inchi Serum is one of my favorite products to use in facials and I do also carry it here at Enchanting Oasis!

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