Beautification with Roses: Roses in Skincare

The rose has strong romance and beauty associations in western cultures. The rose was associated with the beauty goddess Aphrodite. In florology, the rose represents love and affection. Roses are known for their soft, velvety petals and beautiful scent, justifying these associations.

Roses are everywhere in the natural beauty industry! Many of us have heard of or have experienced amazing results from using rose essential oil in our skincare. Even more of us are using rose on our face in skincare preparations without even knowing it.

Rose can be used as a hydrosol (rosewater) or in essential oil form. Rose extracts may come from the petals (rose) or from the fruit of the rose bush (rose hips). Products featuring rose hips are thought to have cellular rejuvenation properties as well as oil reducing and pore refining properties. Rose in considered soothing as well as moisturizing and antiseptic. Rose essential oil is promoted for use in treating skin with wrinkles, dilated capillaries and redness, but can also be used with acne being that it is antiseptic. Studies have found rose essential oil to be antibacterial and anti-oxidant.

Known to keep us young (inside) and also to calm skin irritations, Rose is commonly used in Ayurveda for its cooling and soothing properties. This involves ingesting rose and also applying it topically.

Clients of mine can experience the benefits of rose as a complimentary active ingredient in the CBD facials I offer!

I use rose in many of my personal beauty products including my CBD skincare, but also the application of rose essential oil to areas of redness on my face. For this I use doTerra Rose Touch.

Many beauty enhacing medicinal teas feature rose. Two of my favorites being Yogi Rose Hibiscus Skin Detox and Republic of Tea Beauty Sleep.

Whether in your tea, your toner or your spa treatment, roses are a lovely addition to your beauty routine and to life!

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