What is Holistic Beauty?

A holistic approach to beauty involves accepting our appearance as a reflection of our physical and mental health. One’s lifestyle choices or health conditions can most definitely impact their physical appearance, common examples being dark under eye circles, worry lines or dehydrated skin lacking vitality. I never prescribe lifestyle changes or diagnose my clients, but many are already looking to improve their lifestyle and I am happy to listen and share suggestions and ideas.

Just as our appearance is more than our makeup and skincare routine, our makeup and skincare choices can affect more than our appearance. Parabens can lead to hormonal imbalances by mimicking estrogen. Formaldehyde, used as a preservative, is linked to neurotoxicity and asthma. Oxybenzone, in sunscreens, can disrupt thyroid function.

Keeping our physical body healthy, our mind calm and relaxed, and caring for our skin in a way that maintains the health of our physical body, is the goal of the holistic beauty approach.

Take some time to assess your self-care routine. Easy changes we can all make include drinking more water, consuming less sugar, avoiding excess sunlight and wearing mineral sunscreen.

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